Australian Road Trips: 10 Reasons You Need a Road Trip to Phillip Island.

When you go to Melbourne there’s certain things on your to-do-list, top is most definitely Phillip Island.

Located around 2 hours outside Melbourne, Phillip Island is famous for it’s wildlife and it’s Grand Prix circuit.

We went for the wildlife, scenery, a weekend out of the city, and just a roaaaaad triiiiip, and that is certainly what we got!

Altogether there was 6 of us, we hired a car and stayed in an Air BnB.

So, here are 10 reasons you need a road trip to Phillip Island.

1. Penguin Parade.

A penguin parade? A PARADE of PENGUINS? Yes you heard me correctly.

It has to be first on the list. Has to be.

It is the main reason everyone flocks there.

If you don’t know, each night at sunset lots and lots of tiny fairy penguins return from the sea to their homes in the burrows of Summerland Beach.

You can watch from a tiered seating area as little groups of these penguins scramble to shore, running in and out of the sea in little packs until they finally retire to their burrows.

The only downside, the mass crowds. Everyone trying to stand up and see these cuties, when you also want to see them. Regardless, it is well worth a visit.

But remember, wrap up warm!




P.s I did not get any amazing pictures of the penguins as photography is not allowed there and I fully respect this. I also like to use all my own pictures. (Here is a quick link to what a Fairy penguin is and what you will see on your visit.) There were those who did not respect this, and I am not okey with that. These animals deserve respect in their own homes, not flashes and camera stuck in their faces as they come home. Would you like that?

Instead, you get some clearly lovely pictures of me and my friends.

2.  The Drive.

If your’e coming from Melbourne (which in reality, you probably are) it is  not far at all.

The drive is a nice easy one, taking around 2 hours depending on stops.

We hired a car from Budget, and between 5 of us it cost $46 each for Friday-Sunday with all the petrol included(I know, so cheap!).

3. The Accommodation

Unlike in the city at Phillip Island you get to stay in some amazing accommodation in some spectacular settings.

Our Air Bnb was particularly perfect, right on the coast of Surfs Beach with some fascinating decor, it was exactly what we wanted.


You can get some great deals on Air Bnb and really feel homely on such a small homely island.

4. The Food

What is one thing you want when you’re at the seaside?

Fish and chips, of course.

On the Saturday we ate some at the little town of Cowes, and it felt like home.

One thing I love about Australia is that I have the option to have grilled fish, not just battered. Grilled fish and chips is the one (although Australians really need to learn how to make chippy chips…)

On the Saturday night we all went out for some food.

We found a little place in Cowes called Asian Kitchen Phillip Island. It has a range of different Asian cuisines and I was not disappointed, so much so that I had to take a picture of it. I recommend a visit here.


I chose the Vietnamese Chicken Pho, it was so good. I am now eager to try more Vietnamese cuisine. There was surprisingly a wide range of restaurants and cafes around Phillip Island, all mostly local businesses, which I always feel need to be supported.

5. Surf Beach

As I said our Air Bnb was right on the Surfs beach coast, and what a coast it is.

We spent a lovely Sunday strolling along Surf beach, exploring the rock pools, taking in the views. As the name says, also perfect for all you surfers.




One thing I loved is the red rock, it really intrigued me, as well as the vast rock pools and sea creatures.


6. Rhyll

Unless you are from Britain, or in particular North Wales, you may not know that Rhyl is a popular seaside town in North Wales (where I am from).

Well, we quickly found out that Phillip Island is also home to a Rhyll (just with an extra ‘l’), so of course we had to visit.

Not quite like our Rhyl but still worth a trip, if only for it’s Pelicans.

Yes, I said Pelicans.

There is something about being so up close to such a large bird, I loved it.

Being from a place such as the UK being near to any new animals just in general is fascinating for me, so humour me. 




DSCF2654 (2).JPG

7. The Coziness

Maybe it was just the time of year I went, April (getting colder in Australia), or the fact we were surrounded by water, but Phillip Island felt so nice and cosy.

It almost felt like a weekend away in Wales.

Wind blowing off the coast, hats and coats on (which I haven’t had to wear for 5 months), pubs, good food, walks by the sea.

Sometimes you just need a cosy weekend away, with comfy sofas, friends and a few beers, even in the amazing heat of Australia.



8. Photography

Do you like taking pictures?

Enjoy some nice scenery? 

Fancy a cheeky new Instagram pic?

Well Phillip Island is a photographers dream. Now, I don’t count myself as a professional photographer but since I bought my DSLR camera I have been really enjoying it, learning, practicing, and generally just messing around with it.

Phillip Island is teaming with wildlife, coastlines and picturesque settings, perfect for a quick snap or an afternoon spent exploring with your camera.






9. A Massive Koala

A real massive koala? No. Of course not, silly. 

However there is a large and rather scary looking paper mache massive koala that you can’t miss when you drive around Phillip Island.

The point to this is that at said massive koala there is a Koala Conservation Centre.

You can wander the tree top boardwalks that are home to koalas, wallabies, bats and echidnas.

Sadly we didn’t make it there (too much time eating and drinking, clearly), we did however get a cheeky picture with the massive koala.

Kinda the same thing, right?


A girl band album cover in the making.

10. Road tripping

Do you even need an excuse to gather all your friends, jump in a car, put on some tunes, head to an amazing island and travel?

Didn’t think so.

Now, there is more to do on Phillip Island (the grand prix track which I mentioned, as well as seals at the Nobbies centre) but these are just my 10 reasons and what I loved and experienced about it.

If you get the chance, grab it and go!

So in the words of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Let’s go get lost, Let’s go get lost’.

‘Til next time. 🐧🌊🚗

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  • Such wonderful landscapes and not a soul to be cited…love that.

    I hope they have vegetarian options as well…;)-

    Thank you very much for sharing Bee !

    • I totally agree Rick! So nice to not be surrounded by lots of people and to have some peace! Yes I’m sure eh do (: thank you so much for taking the time to read! Much appreciated (:

  • I fully appreciate the fact that you don’t want to use someone else’s photo and adhere to the no photos rule 🙂
    Philly island looks amazing, maybe one day when I visit Australia…

    • Thanks Nam! Yer I think it’s better to be respectful and still have an amazing time 🙂 It should definitely be on your list!

  • Going to Oz next year for the first time and this has made me so excited! Definitely bookmarking this for when I get to Melbourne. Also, love the fact that photography of the penguins isn’t allowed – it’s respectful and also makes sure everyone actually appreciates watching the little cuties in action!

    Mel x

    • Ahh I am so excited for you! You’re going to have the best time! I have a few blog posts on Sydney and Melbourne you should check out for ideas and tips! Yes I’m glad you agree, you’d be surprised by how many people just did not care! I was happy just seeing them with my own eyes 🙂 Have an amazing trip next year Mel and feel free to message me about anything! x

  • Love this post… I’m making a move to Australia in August and am trying to figure out where to base myself. Philip Island is definitely on the list if it means I’ll get to see penguins on a regular basis!

    • I am very excited for you! Melbourne is a great base, I have been here 4 months now and still love it every day! Especially where I live in St Kilda, there are also fairy penguins on the pier here too!

  • You had me at pinguin! This road trip sounds amazing. I think the whole of Australia can only be discovered by 1 massive road trip! Love it

  • Love that you got to see the penguins – and love even more that you didn’t take pics! The flash can really damage the penguins eyes and make the really disorientated so kudos to to you for leaving your camera in the case!
    It your heading down there again, try booking onto the Ultimate Penguin Tour – its where a group of around 10 people get dressed all in black and got to a secluded beach and use night vision goggles to watch the penguins come in! It’s pretty epic and the penguins run right past your feet 😉

    • Oh my god! That sounds incredible! Would love to do that if I ever go back! It was surreal enough seeing them running past on the boardwalks! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • Your photos are making me want to go back to Melbourne! I think you were completely right not to photograph the fairy penguins, but at least you got the pelicans. I will definitely have to visit Phillip Island the next time I am in Australia.

  • Thank you for sharing. You have a real talent for capturing epic moments in time through pictures. Follow your dreams

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