10 Reasons you Should Live in a Car at Least Once

I have just spent the past 2 months living out of my 1998 Mitsubishi challenger. Sounds awesome? Sounds absolutely awful? Well, leave your misconceptions, stereotypes and judgement at the door.  I am here to tell you my 10 reasons why you should live in a car, at least once.


  1. Freedom

Living in your car gives you freedom like you’ve never experienced before. You are able to do what you want when you want. You want to wake up early and drive to a beach? Sure, lets do it! You want to lie in, cook a huge breakfast and read your book? Why not, I’m in! You aren’t under constraints. I cannot begin to tell you how incredible this is. That feeling you get when you wake up, look out your back door to a beautiful ocean and you just smile to yourself.


  1. Head to new destination every day

You can be in a new place every day. That is one thing I fell in love with, and isn’t that what we all dream about when travelling? The ability to wake up next to the beach, the waves crashing, and that same night go to sleep in an outback campsite surrounded by wild kangaroos rustling. Living in a car really quenches your travel thirst. It almost becomes addictive. Waking up, making your coffee, packing the car and heading off to the next place. We didn’t research places, we just drove there, looked around, and decided whether we wanted to stay. Absolute bliss.


  1. Set your own schedule

In life you’re often held to a schedule. You have to be at work on time, take lunch when you’re told, fit in the gym at a certain time, eat at the same time every day. But when you live in your car one thing I realized is  no I don’t have to do anything unless I want to. Not hungry in the morning? You don’t have to eat yet.  Maybe you want to exercise in the middle of the day, well do it. Don’t feel like driving today, you don’t have to. Basically you can live at your own pace, to your own schedule, and that in itself is fucking freeing.

  1. Minimalist living

You may have heard of minimalism, you may not have. ‘Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom.’ Living in a car can allow you to live a minimalist life, or at least help you along the way. Living with fewer possessions, more simply, is amazing. You realize you don’t need all those things you’ve accumulated in life, those things we fill our homes with, things that cause stress or clutter our life. I found I only needed so many items of clothing, that I didn’t need my phone and laptop all the time. I found that these things often fill up my precious time, and my time is precious. They are just a distraction.


  1. Camping

Ok, so I love camping.  Being surrounded by nature, cooking your own meals on a stove, sitting in camping chairs staring up at the night’s sky. I became obsessed with stars (I also saw my first shooting star!). Living out of my car allowed me to camp every day. I love waking up to see the ocean, hear the waves, boiling water for my coffee whilst taking in the scenery, the silence. Finding an amazing camp spot, cooking up a feast then falling asleep as soon as it gets dark. Life becomes simple, and that is something special.


  1. Stop anywhere

You can stop literally anywhere. You decide where you stop. If you love somewhere unexpected you can stay a few days. Not feeling a place, just leave.


  1. Save money

You will save money. Although you will have to pay for fuel you are saving a lot of money. You are not paying rent, bills, and utilities. Living in your car allows you to scale down your spending. A lot of places are free camping, beautiful hidden spots that don’t cost a thing.

  1. Meet new people

Living in your car you don’t have anywhere to go so you spend a lot of your time in the car or right outside it. We met many other travellers through camping, being parked up or by discussing our experience. It allows you to meet individuals you may not have before, hear stories from people of different walks of life. If I’m honest half the people we met were elderly couples with dogs, and they always had a story to share and advice to give.


  1. Life experience

Living in my car has taught me valuable life experience.  I now know more about cars than I ever did, what to check, how to change a tyre. Cooking has always interested, but I  learnt how to make new meals from what little ingredients I have. I have learnt how to downsize my life and pack it into a car. How to navigate a country, plan my journey, where to stop, where to get fuel in the outback, where to camp that night. This is experience like no other. This can be said for anywhere you are living in a car. Every day is a new and different experience, you are always learning.

  1. It’s a mini moving home

Finally, you create a mini home. My car became my home. It became my safe place, cosy and warm when I was cold. Somewhere to lie down when I was tired. My transport and my bed. It’s incredible how we can adapt. How we can make anything  our home and really live in different environments.


Those are my reasons why I believe everyone should live in a car at least once. Hopefully you have been swayed. Maybe you were in from the beginning. Me? Well I wish I was still living in my car, because you know what, it’s fucking awesome!

‘Til next time.

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