12 Things Broke Backpackers do.

12 Things Broke Backpackers do.


I am a self professed broke backpacker.

I am therefore on a budget always. Being on a budget, really does mean on a budget.

There’s certain things broke backpackers do or say that all you none backpackers may find odd, or make you think ‘as if people actually do that’.

Well, we do. 

So here are 10 things broke backpackers do, that are completely kind of normal.

1. The cheap alcohol diet.

Yes it’s a diet, it’s a way of life really.

What’s Turtle beer?

Who cares it’s $10 and 5% for 6.

Goon. For all you who don’t know, goon is boxed wine and at $9 for 5 litres a huge bargain that will be seen before every broke backpackers night out/during standard beer pong pre-drinks.


But only go for the ‘crisp white’, the ‘dry red’ will ruin your life.

Of course I’d loooove an amazing cocktail every time I go out but really, what else could I do with that money?

2. Hip flasks.

A hip flask full of rum will always and forever be present in my bag if I am going out.

I can see a pattern forming here..

It’s a part of me now, not even sorry.

3. Free attractions.

When you are a broke backpacker you become an expert at sniffing out all the cool free stuff to do.

Yes, of course you want to see the major tourist attractions…the Sydney opera house? I’ll see it from outside, thank you very much.

But this makes the cities you visit all the more fun, you get to see the main spots but also things most people may not immediately think of seeing.


Tiny art exhibitions, cool coffee shops, quirky street art, beautiful parks. it makes your experience all the more memorable especially when you took the time to look into it.


4. Pay what you want.

Restaurants where you pay what you feel a meal is worth. Great for backpackers on a budget who want a good meal. Even if you pay more than you normally would for a Mcdonalds it’s worth it.

Broke backpackers will actively seek out these places.

Lentil As Anything, St Kilda, Melbourne.

5. The free box in the hostel.

Pretty self explanatory.

The free box is a box full of stuff, usually food or clothes that backpackers who leave put in there for all other backpackers.

Do we need half a bottle of soy sauce and some lemon salt?

No but we’ll most definitely be using it in our food this week.

An old hat?

I’m sure I’ll wear it!

A backpackers paradise.

6. Eat in work.

If you work in hospitality whilst traveling, which if you’re a backpacker you probably do, you usually get a free meal in work. Broke backpackers will take full advantage of this.

You can survive on one meal a day right?

7. The all carb diet.

When you’re not eating in work you will become entirely accustomed to the carb diet, mainly pasta and noodles.

Cheap and filling what’s not to love?


8. Pay for public transport? 

Nah, I’m sure I’ll be right.

9. Dollar=Travel/Beer.

That is how a broke backpacker thinks. Possessions are not at the top of the list when we get paid, the first is usually a beer, the second is what trip you can book next with the dollar you save.

$20 for that?

Maybe I don’t need it after all..for the same price I could buy 3 beers..

Should I pay for a nice apartment or slum it in the cheap one?

Slum it. I mean, I could go to Bali with the extra dollar I save.

10. Free WiFi.

‘Fancy sitting outside Mcdonalds for an hour so I can skype my mate?’

‘Yer I’ll just go on Facebook.’

A pretty standard backpacker activity.

Free WiFi will make any broke backpackers day become a whole lot better.

11. Take the 11 hour train. 

A plane from Sydney to Melbourne is $80, it takes 1 hour 30 mins.

The train is $40, it takes 11 hours.

Well, I can’t wait for the 11 hour train journey, I’m sure it’ll be…fun.


12. Second hand shops.

You don’t need to be a broke backpacker to shop in second hand shops, but it helps.

I have always been a lover of charity shops and Op shops, I think you can find unique items.

This has put me in good practice for being a broke backpacker. You want a new summer dress, $5 in the Op shop, you are starting a new job and need a shirt, pay no more than $10!

Of course every now and again I love buying a new outfit from an actual shop, and I do occasionally splurge. But you can’t really go wrong with second hand clothes, books, furniture, you name it, you can get it on a budget.

Are you a broke backpacker?

What do you do to save money?

These all may sound silly, but all these things are for a reason. My reason? To save to travel more.

‘Til next time.✌

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