12 things I have learnt from my first full time job.

Well, I have just quit my first full time job to pursue my travelling dream.

I have had jobs before, don’t get me wrong, but not full time. I worked full time, for the first time, for three whole months.

Three. Long. Months.

Here is what I learnt.

Here is also what anyone who has not yet had a full time job can expect.


1.I love my friends from home.

They need a mention.

One, because they were shocked my first blog post wasn’t about them.

Two, because they are ‘the greatest people you will ever meet.’

Moving home was shitty. Starting my first full time intense and stressful job was hard. But all my best friends have made it so much better, and fun.

I’ve actually really enjoyed being home and getting to see them. They’ve made full time work bearable and a lot easier.

Shout out, Alice, Tyson, Lydia, Jonny, Mikey (even though you haven’t been here), Hannah (my sister) Emma, Ross and all the other close mates I have had fun with and who have listened to me moan since I got home. Love you guys.


2. I think, I may, be a morning person. 

Well, as morning as you can be.

I used to think the song Wow!!! 7am by Slaves (if you haven’t heard it, go listen now) described me.

The main lyrics being ‘I don’t remember the last time I saw 7AM’ and that was very much true. Now, well I’ve certainly seen 7AM, even 6:30AM. I was IN work for 8AM for gods sake.

But, I learnt I can cope with it, and actually, I sometimes prefer being up early and doing shit with my day.

Am I an adult now?

3. I hate 12 hour shifts.

Sure, I jumped from being a student and part time waitress to working 4 12 hour shifts a week.

But, one thing I will not sway on, is that I refuse to work 12 hour shifts from now on. 8-8 is a thing of the past. It can piss off for all I care.

8-4? 9-5? Sounds amazing.

4. I hate tax.

As a student tax was an alien thing to me. I fully enjoyed being a none tax paying student.

So my first pay slip was a bit of a shock to me. What’s that they’ve taken off my hard earned money? Oh, that tax, that thing everyone’s always moaning about.


5. People stereotyping is true.

So I know everyone is different. But, on various occasions in work people tended to stereotype me. Not in a bad way.

Everyone thought I was vegetarian.

Because I have turquoise in my hair and piercings. Yerp.

Not a bad thing, I know. But, it just made me aware of how other people view other people in the ‘real world’.

6. Living for the weekend? I am undecided. 

Yes, I did live for the weekend for 3 months.

I am still undecided on how I feel about it. On one hand I loved every Saturday night out.

Loved it.

But, I always overdid it. Tried to fit everything in and got absolutely shit faced, even when I said I wouldn’t.

It made me sad that I had to work all week in a job that made me want, no need, to go out and let off steam like that.

4 12 hour shifts in a row finishing at 8 on a Saturday night and still going out, then back in work on the Monday.

But that’s how a lot of people live, I am glad to have experienced it.

See here I am now, writing this, knackered, yet I know the inevitable will happen tomorrow night.

We all know.

7. Night shifts? Not for me thanks.

I did a few night shifts. 8PM til 8AM.

They’re just not for me. I can’t cope with not having a life.

At least that is something I’ve learnt early on.

8. I can do a 48 hour week.

When adults say shit like ‘oh, you don’t know what hard work is.’ etc.

I now feel like I can say, yes. Yes I bloody well do.

I was working more hours than my mum, and at times more than my dad.

So, I feel I have earnt a sort of right of passage. I’ve learnt that yes, I can do it and no one can say I’m not a hard worker when I want something. That’s not saying I didn’t moan. Because, I moaned. 

9. Getting on with people you work with is key

The difference it makes when everyone at work gets on is amazing.

The day is better, the atmosphere is nice. Work is that much more bearable.

On a 12 hour shift in my work I soon learnt, if you don’t laugh, you may cry. 

So think again if you think you can get by with not talking to your colleagues.

10. Priorities

When you’re working a 36 or a 48 hour week, my average weeks. You learn you have to have some priorities.

When I was a student, that mainly involved what series to commit to, what to have for tea, and whether I should go to the Tav for a few pints that will inevitably end up in West street live.

In full time work, this became a lot different.

Sleep. Oh how I had to prioritize sleep. Some days I was unbelievably tired. But I would also want to see my friends, or see my boyfriend or just watch a film. Never have I fallen asleep at 9:30PM and slept til the following day 11:00AM and still been tired.

I very quickly stopped watching lots of T.V. I know, student Becca who still resides inside my head found it odd too.

Sitting listening to music? Nah. Instead, I would have to have it on as I got ready for work, in the car to and from work and at night if I was free. For someone who listens to music a lot, this was difficult.

It made me realize how hard it is to balance shit when you work so much. I never want to work more than I have free time. Life is too short. Money is not worth that.

Stop and think what your priorities are. If it’s all work focused, have a rethink.

11. You can’t just email your boss and tell her your ‘ill’

No. Of course I didn’t do this.

But this is what many of us did for 3 years of uni. Emailed our tutor we had a 9AM seminar with because you hadn’t done the work and it looked cold and grim outside. We also can’t deny we all thought 9AM was early.

I found it annoying that I couldn’t do it to be honest. I wanted to, believe me.

But it has made me more responsible, I think. 

If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it.

12. It’s ok not to love your first full time job.

Mine wasn’t what I thought it would be.

I had a few momentary panics of ‘shit what do I want to do with my life?!’ 

If anything I have listed and learnt more things I now know I don’t want out of a job. Which is really as good as finding what you love.

Isn’t it?

From now on I feel I will go into a job knowing what I want out of it. Knowing I can do it even when there’s times I don’t want to.

I did enjoy my first full time job.

But now I’m just too excited to get prepared for Australia.

So excuse me whilst I sleep, listen to music, watch a series, see my family and friends and go out without being sleepy.

‘Til next time. ✈🌏

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