28 thoughts I had when I first ever used Instagram.

If you read my previous post you’ll be aware I have only recently got Instagram, in the year 2015.

When I first started using it I realized I kept having the same thoughts, so I wrote them down. So these are just a few of my thoughts I had when I first ever used it, baring in mind, I had never really taken a selfie until I got Instagram.

Did anyone else think these things? 

Am I years late?

Either way, these are just my thoughts about one social media site that everyone has already got a grip of.

1. What are you meant to hash tag?

2. I’ll just copy what everyone else does #girl #boy #trees? really? 

3. Wow. There’s a lot of filters.

4. Ahh that’s why people make the effort to say #nofliter

5. I’m gonna say that now.

6. Who are these random people liking my picture?

7. How did they find me?

7. Ooo yay my picture got 11 likes.

8. Everyone takes selfies. I might start taking selfies.

9. How do these people look so good?

10. Do they just take these in one snap? Surely not…

11. I think I’m a naive instagrammer.

12. I don’t know why I’m enjoying this, its basically Facebook and Twitter, but less.

13. But it is good.

14. There is a lot of food on here.

15. How does peoples food look so good?

16. Mine never looks like that.

17. Omg why can I see naked people, like properly naked?!

18. That must be allowed on here?..

19. I’m now taking pictures of things I wouldn’t have before, just to put on Instagram. Well, those autumn leaves do look pretty…

20. Everyone clearly does this.

That picture of your coffee does not need to be shared, or your nails, I don’t care about your nails *keeps scrolling*.

21. Taking pictures of my dog and putting them on Instagram will never get boring though will it? No.

22. How does that teenager have millions of followers?…

23. Is that Instafamous?

24. Wtf is throw back Thursday? Who made that? Who decided it to be a Thursday?

25. Why not a Tuesday? Why are we throwing it back? #tbt?

26. Following travelers and celebrities makes me want to do shit with my day.

27.I might make that healthy snack? I could try that exercise? Maybe I’ll go take some pictures of cool shit?

28. *keeps scrolling*…

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