5 Things That Still Amaze Me About Australia.

So I’ve been in Oz for nearly 11 months now and there are still things that pop up and amaze me all the time.

This year has flown by, I can’t believe I’ve nearly been in this amazing country for one year. There is still some things that amaze me about Australia now that amazed me 11 months ago.

1. Kangaroos.

No not just kangaroos, but the fact that kangaroos are literally everywhere. I still can’t get over you’ll be driving to work, and look to the left and there’s a family of kangaroos just jumping past.

Yerp, just jumping right past you.

It really does amaze me how close we are to these animals.

There is also the very real fact that you have to always be on the look out for kangaroos on the road also, as hitting one wouldn’t just mean it died, but you would not be in good shape either.

Growing up in Wales this is still so crazy to me 11 months on.


2. The sunrises and sunsets.

Yes, we have both of these in Wales, but not ones as amazing as this.

I am doing my farm work right now in Bundaberg a town in Queensland, every morning I look out the window at 5:00AM and the sunrise is phenomenal.

The sunsets here are also just as good.

But it’s not just here, in Sydney, Melbourne and all along the East coast there are sunrises and sunsets that will have you sat open mouthed and grabbing for your camera.



3. The weather.

Okey, so we all know Australia is sunny.

But I don’t think I quite got how good the weather is here, all the time. 

In my time over here I can think of a handful of times when the weather has been bad.

I could probably count on one hand.

I am still amazed how even in winter the weather is always 20 degrees, and it barely rains.

I am now at the point where I am getting used to it. Which I hate! I don’t want to get used to the sun and sit inside, instead of basking in it and making the most of every minute of it like a true British person.

Currently in Bundaberg it is spring, today it was 30 degrees. In spring.  Lets hope I survive farming in the summer heat…



4. The language.

Sorry what? Yes, Aussies speak English! But, it’s a different type of English, that’s why it’s called Australian.

I love Australian.

I still love all the different slang, the proper country Aussie accents and the over use of swearing.

For example, ‘dooner’ is a duvet, ‘capsicum’ is a pepper, ‘Maccas’ is Mcdonalds, ‘Fair dinkum’ is fair enough/being truthful and ‘good cunt’ means you’re definitely mates. You can see what I mean, and it still amazes me.

I love new accents, new words I’ve never heard, and new slang, which I tend to pick up a bit too easily.

5. The vastness.

Again, you may think I’m pointing out the obvious…but until you are driving around Australia staring out at the utter vastness of the land and you are still 8 hours away from your destination do you quite get what I mean.

We all know Australia is fucking huge, but you don’t grasp this until you see it I don’t think.

I only realized this when I was driving and I looked out and saw nothing but trees and grass, even in the distance it was all the same for miles and miles. It looked like if we carried on driving we would drop over an edge it was so flat.

In Britain I thought driving 2 hours on the weekend to my caravan in Wales was an effort, and took foreverrrr when I was little.

In Australia you can be on a 3 hour plane journey and still be in Australia, I drove over 1,583.5 km of the east coast and I’m only half way. It has given me perspective, which I am still in awe of.

I think my main perspective is that there is a lot bigger places than Britain and still a lot more of the world out there waiting for me to explore.


So those are the 5 things that still amaze me daily about the country I am travelling 11 months on.

Where are you and what still amazes you about where you are?

‘Til next time.🌅

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  • Oh man, I NEED to go to here. It has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I really can’t get over that kangaroos are everywhere either. I will have to see it for myself!

  • Totally want to visit Australia so bad! Flying out from a small airport to this country are so expensive but that doesnt stop me from going. Just needed to figure whens the right time to book a fare sale to go. I have a really good friend living there right now in Sydney and my, every time he post pictures just make me want to go already lol. This is still on my list, look forward to going. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

  • Hahaha “good cunt” would DEFINITELY mean something quite different here in the United States lol. Those sunset pics are freaking gorgeous, and the kangaroos made me laugh. 🙂 Also, you and I have the same hair…same shade of turquoise streaks and everything, so I already like you hehe :p

    • Yer it means something different in most places but that’s what I love about the language over here! Haha
      The sunsets over here are some of the best I’ve ever seen! (:
      Ahh do we?! Turquoise hair is the best isn’t it! (:

  • I love your curious spirit! The way you write about these adventures really brings them to life – particularly the bit about road tripping. I was talking to a traveler yesterday who told me he visited Australia and drove 5 hours in the wrong direction *away* from Sidney. I was like “how is that even possible?!?” Because Australia is huge!

    I feel like this must have an impact on the psychology of the people that’s so different from Europe. Probably only Americans would understand haha.

    Thanks for the insights and the lovely photos!

    • Thank you for your comment! Yer it’s so funny how that could only happen in a country as big as big as Australia. Where I’m from in Wales that could never happen, you’d be half way through England in that time! Haha
      Yes I can say that the people and culture over here is definitely different to say smaller countries in Europe.
      Thanks for taking the time to read (:

  • I was just in Australia and couldn’t have said it better myself! You’re so right about the vastness- it’s absolutely fascinating, and I’ve come to love it! It’s truly an amazing country.

  • I’ve been dying to visit Australia and even thought of getting a working holiday visa! It seems like there’s so much to explore. I had no idea how many kangaroos are jumping around! How unique!

    • If you get the chance definitely go, it’s an amazing experience! If you have any questions about visa or anything let me know!

  • This was a nice walk down memory lane for me, I lived there over 10 years ago. I remember learning that Australia was the same size as the continental US which blew my mind at the time- it is incredibly vast! Nice photos too 🙂

  • #4 and #5 was my favorite every time I visited Australia. Weather is the same as in my country so I was not thrilled. I like snow and all the funny weather I don’t see in my country 🙂

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