Who is Bee Wanderlust?

Hello there.

My name is Becca Huxley, I’m a 22 year old Psychology graduate who has, probably like many, realized very quickly that full time 9-5 office work is not for me.

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So, why you may ask have I decided, like so many before me, to take the plunge and start a blog?

On November the 24th 2015 I moved across the world from Wales to Australia, to travel and work, mainly travel.


So, my plan? I spent my year blogging about my experiences, before, during, after and of course just random stuff along the way.

Firstly this idea was for my family and friends to see what I’m doing. But I hope that I may pick up a few other individuals. Who aren’t actually related to me , and have to be polite.

After graduating I started my first full time job..needless to say, it hit me straight away, I CANNOT do this for the rest of my life. Now, I have officially completed one year living, travelling and working my way around Australia.

I spent Christmas of 2015 in Sydney as well as New Year, I then moved to St Kilda, Melbourne from January-June. From June I flew to Cairns and bought a car, my boyfriend and I drove down the east coast whilst living in the car. From July-October I completed my 88 days farm work, finally spending my last month traveling back down the coast and eventually back to Melbourne.

That was my first year, I have JUST got accepted for my second year, which will commence as of January 2017.

I hope to share my stories, impart some helpful budget knowledge, perhaps inspire and maybe just vent a little bit along the way.

My main topic is budget travel as I am a self professed broke backpacker. However I have recently decided to incorporate my other loves into my blog, alternative fashion, piercings, tattoos, hair dye, finding interesting street art and the best gig venues for rock/punk music.

So, if you’re still with me, here’s a few things about myself.

-Not to state the obvious, but I love to travel. Everything about it, since I went backpacking for 2 months around most of Europe and then just in Portugal and Spain, I knew what my passion in life was.

-I am welsh. No I do not have a welsh accent, and no I’m not from Cardiff.

-I love elephants.

-Why Bee Wanderlust? Some of my best friends call me Bee. Yes that is my Wanderlust tattoo.

Well, that’s the basics, to know more…read my posts.

Interested in more?

Instagram: bee.wanderlust

Twitter: @beccahuxley

Google +: Rebeccahuxley24

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