Dungaree Daydreams.

Dungaree daydreams. Yerp, dungarees have been on my mind a lot recently, and why not?!

I have been living in Australia for the past year, so winter fashion hasn’t crossed my mind (apart from a brief month in Melbourne when the weather started to change…we quickly got out of there).  If you travel on a budget or long term you have to learn to pack for all occasions and weather. I recently traveled back to the UK for Christmas throwing myself right into a freezing (in my opinion) winter, I had to act quick!

That’s where my dungaree daydreams came from. I have been daydreaming about the perfect pair of dungarees for a long time, and I finally found them 4 days before I left Melbourne in a little vintage shop. To me, dungarees are the epitome of a staple outfit. From Spring to Summer, Autumn to Winter. Wearable and interchangeable.

DSCF5606 (2).JPG

But wait, it seems many people are scared of dungarees. BUT WHY?! There is this often this stigma surrounding dungarees, that they are unflattering or ill fitting. That they don’t ‘do’ anything for you or they’re what you wore as a child. Well I say fuck it. YES you do need to find the perfect pair for you, but don’t worry there IS the perfect pair out there waiting.

Whether it’s loose fitting, skinny fit, flared, cropped, a short or dress version, there is one out there for you. As a traveler dungarees are a perfect item to have in your backpack all year (I actually own a bright green short pair and a black dress version too, but ssh!).

DSCF5624 (3).JPG

Mine are an extremely comfortable slightly baggy fit pair. I teamed them with a velvet turtle neck, over sized leather jacket and my trusty Dr Martins.


Dungarees are a perfect winter item, they firstly, keep you warm, and secondly look great. Baggy or over sized doesn’t need to mean frumpy or ill fitting. In fact half of my clothes are baggy or over sized and I fully embrace the comfort and style aspect of it.


I also wear a lot of hats. I am a hat girl through and through, whether it be a beanie or a cap. If you see me out and about, I will 99% of the time be wearing one. With this outfit I decided to try both, and you know what couldn’t pick which I preferred it with!

DSCF5636 (2).JPG

edited dungarees wood shot.jpg

I have to also mention the velvet turtle neck, it is a key winter item. But is also something you can wear on a chilly summers night or a nice Autumn day. For the price (only £6) you cannot go wrong. It really brings the outfit together, quirky, cosy and come on, it’s velvet!

DSCF5646 (2).JPG


Lastly, something I actually forgot to wear during these photos is my new favourite lipstick. I therefore took a quick snap to show it off. It is perfect for the winter season. Whether it’s out for drinks, a Christmas party or that New Years event. It is matte so stays on for a long time. It is a greyish colour but the more you apply can be darker, I highly recommend.

DSCF5651 (2).JPG

So, hopefully I’ve persuaded you that dungarees are the investment you need to make this winter. Traveler or not, you can’t really go wrong. Throughout the years I would always get told to not buy certain clothes. When asking peoples opinions they would reply ‘Well I wouldn’t wear it, but it suits you I suppose’. Sometimes my 15 year old self would put down the amazing item of clothing I’d seen and walk away. But something I’ve learnt is if something catches your eye, on that initial glimpse or you’ve always dreamt of rocking it, then fuck it and buy it.

Say yes to the dungaree daydream.

Dungarees: $50 (£29ish) Vintage shop Melbourne

Turtle neck: £6 Primark

Leather jacket: £4 Charity shop

Dr Martens: £75 Dr Marten shop 4 years old

Beanie: $2 (£1.20) $2 shop Melbourne

Cap: $15 (£8.80) Converse

Lipstick: $7 (£4) NYX Liquid suede cream lipstick Stone Fox

‘Til next time.❄

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