Australian Road Trips: The East Coast, Agnes Waters, 1770 & Survivor.

Part four of my Australian road trips East coast edition, I told you I’d need more than one post!

If you are following my trip you will just be leaving Airlie beach after an amazing experience sailing the Whitsunday Islands. From there you will carry on driving down the coast to Agnes Waters. Now this will be the longest stretch of drive you will do without stopping to really do or see much.

It is around an 8 hour drive. We did it in two 4 hour stints, camping in our car overnight for a break. We didn’t stop to see much on the way down, we were on a time limit, I’m sure there is places but we just drove straight there.

Agnes Waters & 1770-

Agnes Waters and 1770, a lot of people have not heard of these two small towns. But they have some serious significance and should definitely be on your list of east coast destinations.

Agnes Waters-

You’ll first reach Agnes Waters, a sleepy and relaxed coastal town. Famous for being the last place to get some serious surf up the east coast. With lessons for $17 it is also a hell of a lot cheaper than some of the major destinations.

Now my favourite thing about Agnes was the camping and beach. Both times we camped we stayed at Workman’s Beach Camp ground. For a very cheap price you get a lovely camp ground, toilets, bbq area, outside shower and are a short walk down the hill to Workman’s beach.




You are surrounded by nature. It’s a peaceful and quiet area, it felt like we had our own private beach.

You can even see little creatures like this!


Around a 15 minute drive down the road is 1770.

1770 is known to be the first place Captain Cook sailed to on his voyage and you know what, I can picture it. It’s rugged coast line and small town feel is perfect.

As you may know by now Australia boasts a list of spectacular sunsets in all different places, 1770 is no exception. The coastline of 1770 is unique and beautiful, it is one of the best places I have ever seen the sunset. Yerp, bold statement, but you will see why.




There was just something about the mangrove trees against the blazing sky that made me feel so happy.

Now 1770 is a small place. You can walk from one side to another, but that’s the charm. It really was striking, the landscape connected with the idea that this was the first place Captain Cook set eyes on in Australia just makes it all the more memorable. I think everyone should stop here for at least a little while, and you know what, I bet you’ll want to stay longer.


Castaway and Survivor-

One of the main reasons we ventured to Agnes Waters is to take part in the Cast away and Survivor experience.

What is that?

You fly to a remote island on a 4 seater plane, the plane itself is an amazing experience in itself. I loved it. The pilot is also the guy who runs the experience, he was funny and chatty, which made the plane ride hilarious. Then you either ‘survive’ or live like a castaway.


On the survivor island you are left to fend for yourself, well kind of. You have a camp set up for you including tents, cooking equipment and a toilet. But you are left to do as you please, no plans, no guide.



You can take part in various activities such as fishing, crabbing, play around on motorized boats, kayaks, sand boarding, cave exploration, and lots more surrounded in the beautiful Australian nature.



The castaway island is much the same, only nicer.

We did the survivor, and loved it! Getting to explore ourselves, cook our own meals as a group, relax in hammocks overlooking an untouched beach. Just living in nature for a few days, taking in the breathtaking sunsets every night on a deserted island was a unique experience.



The trip leaves every Monday, Wednesday or Saturday from Agnes Waters, you can even book extra nights for $25 a night.

After 3 days 2 nights you will feel refreshed. You will appreciate the beauty of Australia and how revitalizing it is to be cut off from the hustle and bustle of every day life. You’ll realize you needed it.

That is why Agnes Waters, 1770 and the Survivor experience is a must on my east coast road trip.

‘Til next time.?✌

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