Australian Road Trips: The East coast, Bundaberg.

Bundaberg. Part 5 of my East coast road trip guide.

What can I say? If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will know I did my 88 days of farm work in Bundaberg, but it has a lot more to offer.

It might seem an unlikely part 5 to the East coast guide. It’s not number 1 on peoples lists of main attractions. In all honesty if I hadn’t done my farm work there who knows if I would have made it, and it’s certainly not all farm work and doom and gloom. . But seeing as I did, I thought you guys might like to know a bit about what Bundaberg has to offer. Then you can decide whether you want to add it to your East coast road trip, or not.


First of all if you’ve been following my road trip itinery you would have just left Agnes Water, Bundaberg is  about 1 hour and 30 minutes away. So you don’t have to go out your way much to head there.

How long do you need there?

You can do Bundaberg in 2-3 days easy. It is a very small place and offers a chilled atmosphere.

What it has to offer?

Bundaberg is famous for two things, sugar cane and more importantly rum.


The Bundaberg Rum Distillery

One of the main attractions I would recommend seeing on your visit here is the Bundaberg rum distillery. You get a guided tour of the distillery, from how it all began to how the rum is made. Ending with two drinks of your choice included in the price.


It’s a great way to get some history of the city and what is involved in the famous drink.



Bundaberg is known as the ‘Southern gateway to the Great Barrier Reef’, it is close proximity to the end of the reef at Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave Islands.

Are you a keen diver, or always wanted to try it? Well this could be your perfect opportunity.

Bundaberg offers a number of diving experiences in the surrounding areas. Due to not being in the busy areas such as Cairns or the main part of the reef it can be found at a cheaper price.

The Beaches

The beaches. The beaches surrounding Bundaberg are some of my favourite on the East coast. Bargara and Elliot heads are a short 10 minute drive from the centre of Bundy and were always a welcome retreat from a hectic weeks picking fruit for me.




The best thing about these beaches? They are always practically secluded. So grab some beers, pack some bbq food and spend a boiling hot Bundy day down at the white sand beaches of Elliot heads.


In Bundaberg you are surrounded by farms and nature. One thing I loved to do when I was there was go for a stroll in the  nearby swamp or botanical gardens.


You will surprised how many plants, insects and animals you will stumble across.




One of my absolute favourite things was to go down to the swamp at dusk and watch all the local bats come alive.



Fruit Picking

Fnally, if you really want an authentic Bundy experience why not try your hand at some fruit picking…



Don’t worry you don’t have to slave away for 88 days…but if you do fancy picking a few strawberries for your lunch then there are plenty of options here.

So that’s my Bundaberg. Rum, beaches, nature and fruit. Not too bad hey?

It’s got more to offer than first meets the eye.

So stop by. Spend a weekend relaxing and drinking rum. Cooking up a BBQ at the beach, wandering through real nature and eating the local produce. It’s not all just farm work in Bundy.



‘Til next time.

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