Australian Road Trips: The East Coast, Magnetic Island.

The East Coast: Part Two

In the first installment of this East Coast road trip I took you from Cape Tribulation to Mission beach. Now, part two. We’ll begin in the next destination after Mission beach, Magnetic Island.

Magnetic Island-

I initially was going to talk about more than Magentic Island in this post. However this was a full day trip and I didn’t want to pack too much into it, so this post is all about our trip to Magentic Island.

Magnetic Island is a short boat trip from the city of Townsville. Now we personally didn’t spend much time in Townsville doing things. We did however find a great BP garage. There we slept in our car for free, had a nice hot shower even managing to connect my laptop to the TV and watch the latest GOT. (Don’t worry, no spoilers here..).

We used Townsville as a base as we were on a timescale and hadn’t heard there was lots going on, Magnetic Island however is definitely a must.

How do you get to Magnetic Island?

We drove down from Mission beach, taking just under 3 hours.

Once there you have to get a ferry across to the island, it costs $26 a return per passenger. However we found a deal online, like we did with most things and got it half price. So it always helps to look and save some money!

There is so much to see and do on this island, we walked the entire way *minus one bus* and to be honest I would recommend it. We only spent one day there and for us we felt we saw basically all of it.

As soon as you get off the ferry turn right out of Nelly Bay ferry terminal car park. You are greeted by an open road, and an exceptional view of the ocean and surrounding nature.

You are immediately met by a walking path that snakes and winds along the coast, making it the perfect start to the day.

Before you know it, and before you can put your camera away from snapping lots of photos you are at your first destination.

The inital walk takes you past Geoffrey Bay, follow that road round to the old Arcadia Jetty Road. It is easily sign posted, as we had no idea about this part initially, so don’t worry just head towards the rocks and explore!

Rock Wallabies-




It is here you will be greeted by the rock wallabies. Yerp, that’s right, a whole load of cute little wallabies that live in the rocks and come out and say hello.



Alma Bay-

After you are over the excitement of the wallabies you can carry on walking down the original road you were on. It is here you will reach your first amazing beach. Alma bay. Here is your perfect excuse to relax and cool down.


We were already hot from the walk, only 30 mins, but on a sweltering day, a quick dip is exactly what you need. Plus, just look how serene and quiet it is.


Forts Walk-

Once your all cooled down get those walking shoes back on and head further down the coast. When I say walking shoes, I literally mean you could do with some walking shoes, because next up is the Forts Walk.

Just off Horseshoe Bay road the Forts Walk will be sign posted, it is a 4km walking trail. Now, if you are looking for a leisurely walk this may not be for you. This walk has it all, steep hills, old ruins, koalas, and astounding views.


Arthur Bay

Follow the trail and you won’t be disapointed. You can explore historic WWII fortifications and infrastructure, see beautiful views of the Palm Island Group and Arthur bay. If you’re lucky you may see a snoozing koala hidden in the trees.


The walk itself is amazing, and definitely a highlight of our trip to the island. There’s just something about getting to the top of a long and steep walk and seeing the spectacular views that makes a trip.

Ignore my moody face.
View from the top of the Forts Walk.

Now after a day full of walking and swimming, there’s only one thing on my mind; food.

Horseshoe Bay-

We therefore continued the walk, (don’t worry there is a bus, we just chose to walk) to the famous Horseshoe Bay. Here we lazily wandered around and ate some amazing Mexican food. It was here decided we were too full to continue walking, so jumped on the bus all the way back to the ferry.

The day ended on the ferry back with a magnificant sunset. We were content and sleepy, worn out and happy.


This entire day spends?
  • $13 each for the ferry
  • We bought our own water bottles and packed lunch so a cheap lunch
  • $20 maximum for our food for dinner with a cheeky beer

Hopefully that shows you can have an amazing and full day out and still be on a budget!


That brings me to the end of my East Coast road trip part two. It now seems there may be a few parts to this… haha

I hope each post is as detailed and helpful as possible to hopefully inspire you guys to take the trip yourself.

‘Til next time.

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