Australian Road Trips: Turpin Falls

Australia has plenty of road trip options, and that is why I will be starting this series of all my road trips around this beautiful and huge country.

A road trip is one of my favourite things. Your friend calls and says ‘Wanna get out the city for the day?’, I jump at the chance.


That’s how I spent my last Saturday, at Turpin Falls. Hidden at the end of an inconspicuous dirt track about 70 minutes from Melbourne, this is not an easily found place.

As soon as we got out of the city, the sun was shining, we cranked up the road trip playlist and it felt amazing to be back on the road, if only for one day.


At times you wonder if you are heading the right way, we got told about this place from a friend, and when you turn onto an industrial estate you do begin to wonder if it even exists.

But carry on, and wait for the bumpy dirt track. That’s when you arrive, still nothing to indicate a waterfall or swimming hole that you are now gasping for after the hot drive.

Head down the path, down some steep set of stairs, and then you’ll see it.


Turpin falls is a billabong with very high rock walls on three sides. It is very large and full of fresh water to swim in. A lot of people bring floats to enjoy floating in the crisp water and enjoy the sun. We didn’t know this, so didn’t bring a float. I was very jealous of all the other floats so I’d say pick one up cheap on the way!

To me, the reason I love this place was how hidden it was. It seems in the middle of no where, yet isn’t too far from built up Melbourne. You feel free on the open road, not too many cars passing, even the falls itself is mostly full of Australian locals.


It’s a great way to spend a free day and makes you feel close to nature within the rocky and grass covered areas surrounding the water.

We packed some food and a beer and lazily spent the day relaxing.

Cliff jumping is very popular here, but it is advised not to as the water is murky and rocks are hidden. I personally chose not to jump.


Once the sun began to go down it was only a short walk back to the car and a chilled drive back to Melbourne.

All in all a perfect road trip if you find yourself in Victoria or the surrounding area.


It was exactly what I needed after working all week, to get out of the busy city, open the car windows, and sing along to my favourite music. Getting back on the road is always very freeing to me. It reminds me I am travelling. That I can get up and go at any time.

It relaxes and excites me. It’s amazing what a swim in fresh water and a bit of sunshine can do for you.

But what about the cost?

This road trip is so low cost all budget travellers can do it! Pack yourself a picnic and lots of water, maybe a cheeky beer! Then all you need is a car, split the cost of petrol and you’re done!

What hidden places have you ever road tripped to?

‘Til next time, happy road tripping!

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  • I’ve lived in Melbourne almost all my life and have never heard of or seen this place before. Thanks for sharing! I might just have to go check this place out when another hot day rolls around. Is the water cold?

    • Ahh really? I love finding new places near my home! You should definitely check it out, it’s worth it! The water is quite cold but on a hot day exactly what you need! 🙂

  • Perfect place for the hot water. It reminds me of my hometown (which is 10,000 miles away). Places like these always remind me of having a good time with friends at no cost, aside from the drinks.

  • Awesome spontaneous trip! Unfortunately I don’t take many road trips because I live in the city and don’t have a car. I would totally be down for spontaneous trips like this on the weekends though. The water surrounded by cliffs looks gorgeous, and I could hang out almost anywhere with a pack of food & beers 🙂

  • This looks amazing hun! So cool everyone is on blow up floats in the middle of the bush!! So lad I found this post – will have to bookmark it! I’ve actually been chasing waterfalls this summer too and am taking the American Travel Channel to one near my home on south coast NSW in March. Excited! Lovely to connect by the way!
    Kristie (you.theworld.wandering)

  • This is perfect timing as we’re in Melbourne for 3 months and my best friend arrives on Saturday – we’ve hired a car so we’ll definitely be heading out with him in tow for this place! Thanks!!

  • Australian road trips is definitely one of my faves because of the beautiful views and countryside landscapes. We did several road trips in Australia from Sunshine Coast to Sydney and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully when we get the chance to visit Aussieland again we can spend time in Melbourne and check out hidden gems such as this waterfalls. 🙂

  • I love venturing into nature near a city where I live. It’s always a treat to know of places like this. I can only imagine this place being popular over the summer and when it’s sunny and warm out. Thanks for letting us discover this place.

  • Such a lovely place! I have a couple of friends in Australia who have been looking for a new place to visit. I’ll def send this to them, looks like a fun trip! 😀

  • Hi! It was nice to read your travel experience, and I am also very much excited to undertake this journey around Australia to some its beautiful places. I read your blog, and it is very inspiring. I would like to know details about the costing of the same. Could you please provide me the details about the transportation and traveling cost? Thank you very much.

    • Thank you for your comment! The transportation to Turpin falls was by car from Melbourne and my friend owned the car so it just cost us petrol. That means travel costs were very low, I’d say less than $20 for the road trip and we took our own food and drinks! (:

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