‘Omg I wish I was going to Australia you’re so lucky, I could never do it though!’

So, my first blog post.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous.

‘Omg I wish I was going to Australia you’re so lucky, I could never do it though!’

This is the sentence I hear on the regular when I tell people my plan to move to Australia for a year.

So I’m here to tell everyone, I’m not lucky, I am planning it and YOU could do it. Here’s how.

1.Why travel and why Australia?

Firstly, you have to have that itching, you have to have been bitten by the ‘travel bug’.

I have always loved exploring  new places, but for me this started when me and my best friend Alice backpacked around Europe for 2months in the summer of 2013 (post to follow regarding that). So what I’m saying is, get out there! Experience new places, people, culture, night life and food and get excited! That is the first step.


So why am I going to Australia and what are my plans there?

For me I’ve just always fancied Australia. Good weather. I LOVE beaches. The accent. Need I go on?

So it’s always been in the back of my mind that I’d go one day.

My plans, right now I haven’t got a proper one. I’m going with my boyfriend and my best friend, all we know is we will work when we need to and travel the rest of the time and I’m happy with that.


2. How did you afford it and how did you start planning?

Steps I took to planning the trip and the all important prices:
– I sat down and looked at a map of Australia and researched the places I most wanted to go
-booked an appointment with STA travel and talked through prices and options
-bought my visa online, a working holiday visa
-went back to STA and booked flight, opened bank account, student card and first 5 days in hostel

What’s left to do:

– I am researching the best back pack
– I am also researching the best camera, and I’m sure you’ll definitely know when I get it
– Insurance

– one way flight £564
– bank account £25
– student card £12
– first 5 nights in a central hostel £90
– visa £200 we got the visa off their website as it was £40 cheaper than going with STA to do it. So it helps to check!
– insurance? Standard seems to be from £200 for a shit one, up to £500 for a good one
– bag? I want a good one so looking around £80-£100
– camera? I’m look around the £300 mark will update when decided

3. What I aim to gain from my experience?

So this is a hard one, it’s difficult to know what you want out of a year long trip.

I suppose I want to experience a new way of life, I’m bored here in the UK so I am excited for something different.

The weather. I love summer. It is my favourite season and I hate winter. So I can’t wait to experience Australias weather.

Living by the beach. I’ve always wanted to live by a beach so this is going to be a dream come true. I’m hoping if we get settled long enough to learn how to surf properly, not just for 4 hours in freezing cold sea on the coast of Portugal.

Finally I hope to gain more knowledge, if you read the part about me (and I’m hoping you have) I said I don’t want a standard full time job all my life. So I’m looking forward to experiencing different jobs, volunteering, finding out what I love to do.

Now, does that all sounds really hard?

When you break it down doing what I’m doing isn’t difficult. Anyone can choose to travel and move to a different country. Even the planning isn’t too strenuous. So I hope if you read this you think ‘oh, I thought it’d be harder, maybe I could do it?’ and it inspires you and guides you a little into going where you’ve always wanted to.

It may have been a brief explanation, or you thought oh god she’s going on now, but I didn’t want to bore you all too much. Being a virgin blogger I feel rambling is a given.

If you have any detailed questions of how I planned or booked anything please let me know, I know I definitely blagged other people with questions and that is the number one best thing to do.

If you’ve ever wondered the prices etc and never wanted to ask then hopefully that helped a little (:

If you read this post, thanks for giving me a bit of your time.

‘Til next time.

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  • You may want to take a look at my book before heading downunder. I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but every woman should be aware of their safety. It’s great you are taking your boyfriend but you still should be aware of some basic things. (You don’t have to accept this post if you don’t want to)

    • Hi Joy, I appreciate the comment! I definitely think awareness of these sort of issues needs to be known so of course I have accepted the post and I will definitely look into your book! It is amazing that you are spreading awareness, thanks again (:

  • Love this! Have thought about moving to Australia but the whole money-situation/job hunt scares me! Would love to know what job you end up having. Can’t wait to read about your adventures! 🙂

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