The real life transition to a ’21st century gurrl’

So the year 2015 has been a big year for me.

If you know me at all, most of you probably don’t, I’m known to my friends as something of a technically challenged individual.

I don’t tend to follow the latest trends, the latest songs out, the newest iPhone release etc.

So why has 2015 been a big year for me?

Well, it’s the year I became what me and my friends also call a ’21st century gurl’. (I have only recently seen that Willow has a song called 21st century girl…I thought we made it up as a thing…I’m still adamant we did)

I have been living in somewhat of the 20th century most of my life with regards to technology. But here is how this year changed it all.

My phone.

So up until June I think I may have been the only person in the world still topping up my phone.

Yes. Go ahead. Laugh.

I did have to go to Tescos every month and top up.

But really, £10 a month for unlimited texts and 100 minutes is good right? How did you use the Internet you may ask…WiFi my friends, all day long,  well wherever I could get it.

So in June I made the leap. I got a new phone on a contract!

The Samsung Galaxy A3.

I will never look back. Why did I not do this sooner? My life is now changed, and travelling has something to do with that. I kind of realized I would need an actual good phone and contract to survive in life travelling around the world.

My friend Jonny even commented once I got it ‘oh I though it was strange you were suddenly taking snapchats outside and your picture quality was better’ that just says it all.

Hello 21st century, ‘yasss queeen!’ (if you get that reference, we will be friends)

Just a side note. My amazing new phone that I only got in June, recently fucked me over.

It decided to stop working. No signal or internet.

It had to go into repair. I was fuming. I’ve only had it since June! 

Samsung fixed it, and after an hour of downloading all my apps etc I soon forgot the annoyance I felt previously. A few days without a phone, all the phone comforts I had come to know and love, was awful. 

I was just happy to have it back, and it was then I knew my life had changed forever (yes that probably is a quote from a soppy book, but it’s very fitting..)


Yes. I finally got spotify.

Gone are the days of iPod updates. Not being bothered to get new songs, so having to deal with the same recently added for months.

Many of you have probably been on the Spotify hype for years. Well, there’s no need to gloat. I get it. I was sheltered before, silly, some might say.

But, thank you Spotify. You have also changed my life.

I still can’t quite get over I can listen to everything, so easily.

My laptop.

Yes. I did have the same laptop for 6 years. But, I am oddly proud.

Proud to have let my little (or actually quite bulky and heavy) Acer live out a full and happy life.

If my boyfriend didn’t point out how slow it was I’d probably still be writing this post from it.

But now. Now. I’m at the peak of the 21st century laptop game.

I now own a Lenovo Flex 2 convertible touch screen.

Not only is it a touch screen. But, It also flips to become a tablet type thing.

I know. Even I feel how proud everyone is of me.

My camera.

I have always used a general digitial cameras for years. I love taking pictures but never thought I was good enough to be a photographer or at least own a fancy camera. So now I decided, if I’m travelling the world, I want to be able to photograph the amazing places I go.

I recently purchased the Fuji x-a2 and I love it. I am now experimenting with it, so I will be showcasing my progress soon!


I have a confession.

I only got Instagram about 2 weeks ago.

How odd. I know.

It seems to me that every man and his dog has Instagram.

Why did you not get it earlier Becca?

Well, I’ve always been under the impression that I don’t take many interesting pictures. I’ve always said If people are posting a picture on facebook and twitter why does it also need to be on Instagram? I just didn’t get it.

I’ve never been into the whole ‘selfie’ thing, or taking pictures of my food.

But, I actually took my first ‘selfie’ last week, and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that bad.

I’m now fully embracing Instagram. I really like it, and you know what, take pictures of what ever the fuck you like. I’m sure going to.

I feel, as a I write this, that I’m experiencing these things a few years too late. Everyone else has already gotten over it all. But I’m here to tell you, It’s all great. I’m loving technology enough for us all.

Now, I think we all can agree after reading this post, that 2015 has been a huge year for me on the technology front.

I accept all your congratulations. Its been an emotional journey.

But l just thought I’d write this post just to reiterate what everyone knows, what I’ve only just found out.

Being a 21st century gurrl is amazing.

I now, like many of you, can not remember a life without a smart phone, social networks, spotify and a good laptop.

Now I am really enjoying writing this blog, and I am still shocked I’ve created it. A year ago, I’m not sure 2014 Becca would have coped.

What does this have to do with travelling you may ask?

Well, the transition would not have come about if I wasn’t planning on travelling.

I want to be able to share my experience with others, with my friends and family. Capture amazing images, share them too. Listen to my favourite  music and discover new music across the world. All this is only possible if you are a fully fledged 21st century gurrl. 

I also fee like I am a living example of how technology and social media can change your every day life. Is this what our parents feel like?

So this is an example of one girls real life transition into the 21st century.

‘Til next time.

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