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The Things I Love About Melbourne, and You Will Too.

I have officially been living in Melbourne for over a month now, and have a few months more to go.

I have settled into my little flat and into my job.

So here are the things I love about Melbourne, and why you should definitely give it a try!

Melbourne is the Coffee Capital 

Coffee is a quintessential part of Melbourne life.

It is the international coffee capital, and for someone who’s hobbies include going for coffee with friends, well, I fit right in.

I love coffee, but Melbourne loves coffee more.

It is everywhere, it’s a way of life, ingrained into every suburb and part of the city. Each coffee shop is different and unique, with it’s own vibe, and always friendly.

I love it, and you will too.


The Street Art and Graffiti

So, if you have me on Instagram or Facebook, by now you may have seen a fair few pictures of street art and graffiti.

I have found a huge appreciation and love for it.


Hosier and Rutledge lane in Melboure CBD is where it started, after wandering aimlessly staring up and around the walls of these lanes you will walk away in awe with questions about each piece you saw.

Melbourne does street art like no other.

It is constantly evolving and changing.


I make an effort to visit Hosier lane every time I’m in the city and every time there is new and inspiring art replacing previously great pieces.

This is one thing I love, the development of the art and for someone who loves new things, new art is exciting and intriguing.

Not just down Hoiser lane though, every where you look from the CBD to the suburbs you will find street art, graffiti or sticker art.

I now have a keen interest and have taken the time to look into it. Everyone who visits or stays in Melbourne should take an hour or so out to take a look at it. A lot of it has amazing meaning.


You don’t even  need to go out of your way, street art is everywhere in Melbourne.


Again, it is another factor that is a part of the cities and surrounding areas culture, and what makes it such a bright and vibrant place as you walk around about your daily life

Take a minute, and appreciate it where ever you are.


What’s a freak shake? You may ask.

That would be a fair question as they are a fairly new concept.

They are basically over the top milkshakes and smoothies.

In Australia they began at cafe  Pâtissez, in Canberra, and the originals look amazing. 

Amazing is an understatement. 

Naughty Boy Cafe in Melbourne is one of the only places in Melbourne to provide a similar drink.

And here they are..


The Pavlova and the Salted Caramel.

It may not be the original but it’s as close as you’re going to get in Melbourne, plus, it was pretty spectacular.

The Sunsets

Since moving to St Kilda, and even before when I was crashing a bit further down in Elwood I realized something.

The sunsets here are just so good.

An amazing one is also very regular, and who doesn’t love a good sunset ey?

There’s just something about walking across the beach, or down the pier when the sun is setting. I don’t think I will ever not stop and stare.


The Beaches

We, should, all know by now, I adore beaches.

In Melbourne you’re never too far away from a beach, sure St Kilda may not be able to beat the waves and sand at Bondi, but it’s a good a beach nonetheless.

One thing you don’t get at the end of most beaches, Penguins. At the end of St Kilda beach pier is fairy penguins. Yes, I did say penguins.

Look it up!

You don’t have to go far to experience a different beach, Elwood, Brighton, Sandringham, Half moon bay, Black Rock.


The Brighton beach huts are worth a train journey in itself, little things like this remind me of home, especially the Abersoch beach huts I grew up around.


The Night Life

It’s safe to say if you’re like me, and you come from Britain, you are used to a way of life when it comes to night life.

Good pubs. Interesting bars. Nights that go on til the morning.

Melbourne lives up to the night life.

It has everything you need. Pubs, like the Prince of Wales on Fitzroy street, interesting bars in the CBD and Fitzroy. No lock out law, like Sydney.

Live music is also big here, another thing I love. You’re never far away from a gig, usually a free one.

There’s also something for everyone, which is what we all want really.


The Greenery 

Coming from Wales and then living in Sheffield I have been used to being surrounded by greenery. Trees, plants, parks.

Melbourne, thank god, is no different.

It is an extremely green city.

From the many Botanical gardens, the Yarra river, to urban gardens and the Dandenong National park. Every street is filled with trees and plants, you are never too far from a park or a national park.


The Kite Surfers

Kite surfing is big in St Kilda, where I live, as well as further down the coast.

When the winds good the bay will be full of kite surfers and wind surfers.

There is just something about kite surfers that brightens my day. If I see them I find myself stopping to have a look, it’s an art and something I would love to learn to do.

I have a spent a a fair few afternoons watching and photographing the kite surfers, its one of the little things I love about St Kilda in particular.

DSCF1893 (2)DSCF1834.JPG

Chapel Street 

Chapel Street is a street filled with shops, a fair few vintage too, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and it’s a 5 minute drive from where I live.

The city is only 20 minutes away, but I like having Chapel Street so near if you want to extend your night out, or fancy a shopping trip not in the CBD.

It has something for everyone, on any day or night of the week.

The Surreal Weather

We were warned the weather in Melbourne was a bit crazy, but it really is.

One minute it’s a scorching hot day, you spent the day sunbathing and the night in a beer garden. The next day you wake up and the temperature has dropped dramatically, it’s windy and raining all day. However that night it’s a sunny evening.

I like it though, I prefer it to the intense heat of Sydney, it’s livable and makes me feel more at home.

The Community Feel

What I have quickly gathered about Melbourne is that it is very community based.

Everyone joins in to different events and activities. People are happy to talk to other people and start a new conversation. It isn’t like big cities like London or Sydney, it feels more close knit, friendly.

The whole community is culturally diverse and full of personalities, just like the city it self.

And I think you’ll all agree, Melbourne takes a damn good photograph.

Has that persuaded you to come to Melbourne?

Of course it has.

So those are the things I love about Melbourne!

Have you been? 

What did you love about Melbourne?

I hope this has given you a glimpse into the life of a backpacker in Melbourne, and just how good it is to live here, if only for a little while.

Now I am off to try some of our first Mexican food in Melbourne!

‘Til next time. ???

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  • Maybe a bit biased here but we live in Victoria not Melbourne. We traveled extensively around Europe all the major capitals and more. I still love going to Melbourne as much as any city in the world

    • Yer there is many other cities I have been to in Europe that I love too! But there is something about living in Melbourne, especially in summer! I love it!

  • I’ve been there, and LOVED Melbourne! Not a city person, but this place has soooo much to offer, I fell in love <3 The street art, and everyday there was something going on… It is so diverse, and such a cool place! St. Kilda is awesome, and the free penguin viewing there… Let's not go there hahaha <3

    • So glad you love Melbs as much as I do! haha Yer you are so right, it is so diverse and there’s always something going on! (:

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